Using Personalization in Visual Composer

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After installation every row & column element will have a personalization tab in the top.

Here you first have to set if you want to choose the OR or the AND operator. Or means only one rule needs to be applied, before the content shows up. AND means that all rules need to be passed to show the content.

Personalization Tab

Setting up Rules

Then you can setup your rules. Add more via the + symbol on the bottom or remove them. Choose from over 8 different rules and configure each individually:

Currently there are 10 rules you can add:

  • Date / Time (from Date 1 to Date 2)
  • Location (only in Country XX)
  • Recurring Day (Mondays from 10:00 to 12:00 o’clock)
  • Number of Visits
  • IP Address
  • IP Address Range
  • Device (Computer, Tablet, Mobile or both)
  • User Name
  • User Capabilities
  • User Roles
Add : Remove Rules

Date / Time Rule

Show content from a start to and end date / time.

Location Rule

Show content only for users from a specific country.

Recurring Day Rule

Display row / column only on a specific day of the week from start time to end time.

Number of visits Rule

Display row / column only for users with visits from XX until XX.

IP Address Rule

Display row / column only for users with a specific IP address.

IP Address Range Rule

Display row / column only for users, that are in a specific IP address range.

Device Rule

Display content only on computer, tablet, mobile or both.

User Name Rule

Display content only if the user is logged in as a specific user.

User Capability Rule

Display content only if the user has a specific capability.

User Role Rule

Display content only if the user has a specific role.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m a developer and we are begining a project that uses Visual Composer. The customer wants to personalize content based on different conditions. I see your product has many personalization options but, What do you mean by USER CAPABILITY RULE? Is information stored on the user profile?



    1. Hi David,

      user capabilities means you can show content based on the users access rights. For example show content if the user is able to manage orders.

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