Creating a Restaurant Menu with Visual Composer

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After installation start with creating a blank page in WordPress. Enable the VC Editor and search for the restaurant menu module (see image).

restaurant menu module

Set the menu data

In the first tab you can set the menu data like number, name, price or description.

Furthermore you can upload an image and set a label to the menu.

Set menu name, price, description, image and label

Dynamic Prices

If you want to offer multiple prices for your menus you can add them here. No limitations – you can add as many as you like!

Dynamic Prices

Design Options

Beside the normal standard VC design options you have some special restaurant menu design settings. You can set a background color, name color, description color and choose a label style.


VC Design settings

As you know it from many elements our menu module also supports the standard VC design settings like border color, margins / paddings, border radius and so on.

Design Options

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